Why Should You Clean Your Bathroom? 

Those who have a hard time with daily chores are most likely to find it hard to perform housekeeping, most especially cleaning a bathroom. Having a clean bathroom potentially affects the safety and health of those who are housebound as well as your aging household members. To know more about the importance of having a clean bathroom, keep on reading below: 


clean bathroom needs to be deep cleaned every week and wipe its surface every day for everyone to avoid getting infections and illnesses, which can greatly affect unhealthy and aging individuals. If your bathroom is unclean, it can affect the following: 

  • Pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms – such contaminants can thrive on the surfaces of your bathroom for at least 1 or more weeks. Maintaining a clean bathroom indicates wiping surfaces every day with solutions that can kill bacteria (e.g. antibacterial cleaners, bleach, vinegar); focusing more on surfaces of your faucets, handles, sink, tubs, and toilet. The most typical viruses that you can usually found in bathrooms include viruses, fungi, bacteria, and stomach viruses.  
  • Breathing – inhaling dust and mold can result in health issues for those who are already suffering from breathing conditions like pneumonia, COPD, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other conditions.  

As we grow older, our immune system eventually weakens, even in those people who keep a healthy and active life, making the chance of usual viruses and microorganisms even more likely to impact our immune system compared to when we were younger. 


Having a clean bathroom is not just vital, you should also guarantee that you offer a safe bathroom as well. Here are some tips to guarantee this: 

  • Safety bars – it’s vital to get safety pulls, bars, and grips installed by the experts who can make sure that they are correctly positioned for them to safely deal with particular weight restrictions with the right anchorage. It’s not recommended to get suction cup bars as they can be easily unattached, causing a potential hazard for people who don’t know how to use them.  
  • Disinfectant/deodorizing – such sprays can potentially make your bathroom surfaces slippery when you fail to properly dry them. Moreover, for others, they can result in a breathing hazard.  
  • Tub mats – even if tub mats are intended to stick to a tub’s bottom, they can usually result in hazardous conditions and lose suction. The tub mat can be clustered and, even if the suction cups are performing what they are supposed to do, the mats itself can turn up and be wrinkled and can only make a person potentially trip.  
  • Bathmats or throw rugs – having throw rugs on a floor can cause a sliding or tripping hazard once the water reaches below it.  
  • Clutter and magazines – keeping your bathroom clutter-free is one way to guarantee a tidy bathroom. If you have several items on the floor, around, or next to your toilet area, they can be causing falling hazards. Moreover, spilled items and liquids from bottles in your bathroom can make this area very slippery.  

After cleaning your bathroom, make sure that your plumbing systems are in great condition. If you think you need help with these, Rockdale plumbing services is for you.  



Things to Know a Mattifying Moisturizer

Every person has those days where they feel their skin simply isn’t looking its best. People’s noses can get a bit shiny. Oftentimes, they apply additional powder to get rid of the oily spot. However, if you’ve got a combination skin or a naturally oily skin and you experience this situation more often, a professional might suggest a mattifying treatment.

A mattifying treatment includes ingredients that would soak the oil up and offer your face a more matted look. While there are a lot of forms of mattifying products available, most of them come in skin cream containers and tubes. Usually, they’re applied before you use any makeup.

So, what is a mattifying moisturizer?

For those who don’t know, a mattifying moisturizer is a facial moisturizing product made to stop the presence of oil. It also offers skin a matte and smooth appearance. A lot of individuals with acne-prone or oily skin find that their faces look shiny within several hours of washing it and applying makeup. To avoid this issue, mattifying moisturizer can help. A couple of mattifying moisturizers also have ingredients that might help in treating acne.

In general, a mattifying moisturizer will always be oil-free. Typically, it’s made to restore a natural balance of moisture to your skin and lower the presence of pores. This form of moisturizer might also include antioxidants such as vitamin E or C. This will help avoid damage to the skin and renew its look. Also, it might contain acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. This will help get rid of blemishes and stop new ones from developing.

Benefits of Mattifying Moisturizer

Evens Out Skin Tone

Mattifying moisturizer will help you even out your skin tone. Instead of providing your skin a dull and pale appearance, mattifying moisturizers will make your skin look translucent and fresh.

A couple of mattifiers include dimethicone or silicone gel that fills in uneven spots and huge pores of your skin. This will help produce a smooth surface. However, this isn’t suggested for acne-prone skin since the gel-like substance can clog the pores. You should try to use a dry-powder mattifiers if you have acne-prone skin. This will offer an even air-brushed finish without the danger of clogging your pores.

Lowers the Presence of Pores

For those who don’t know, in every square inch of your face, you’ve got millions of pores. These small holes enable the skin to cool and offer it with oils to lubricate and protect its surface. However, pores can produce unappealing blemishes if they become enlarged. Mattifying treatments can lower the presence of pores. This will help leave your skin looking smooth.

Mattifiers offer your skin with an oil-absorbing substance that lowers the presence of pores. Aside from that, it offers your skin a matte and smooth finish that will last for several hours. Usually, mattifiers contain light-deflecting substances such as titanium dioxide and silica spheres that can offer a blurred look to enlarged pores. These substances brush on over pores instead of seeping inside them.


How to Choose the Ideal White Paint?

Are you planning to freshen up your room or your office? One way to do that is to apply a new coat of paint.

If you’re a simple person, chances are you’ll choose to paint your walls white. However, there are a lot of various types of white paint out there. How do you pick the best one for you? Before you hire professional house painters, here are a couple of tips you can follow to choose the best white paint:

Test Various Shades

Before choosing the paint color, you need to test out various shades. You will never know how the light is going to affect the paint until you try it. However, this does not mean you’ve got to pain sections of your walls in various shades of white.

You can carry several color swatches and hold them against the wall. This will help you compare them.

Use White as Trim

You do not have to paint the whole walls white. You can simply use white paint on your trim. If you are planning to utilize white paint for your trim, you’ve got to ensure you choose the purest white available. The reason for this is that if the paint chips and you require touchups, it’ll be simpler for you to look for it again.

Selecting the Finish

Your painting project, will not be complete without some type of finish. However, you should avoid having too much sheen on the walls. As much as possible, you should go with a flat finish.

This type of finish will show off the natural color of the paint and absorb light. However, smudges can easily show up on it. Thus, if you’ve got kids and pets, it isn’t the ideal finish for you.

It might be ideal for you to choose satin or eggshell finish if you’ve got kids and pets. These kinds of finishes do not require a lot of cleaning.

Think About Your Décor

You can look to your décor if you aren’t certain how to match paint with the light. For instance, warm white will be your ideal bet if you’ve got a lot of wooden furniture and your couches are a natural brown color.

Using white that has a bit of blue undertone is best if you have a lot of cooler pieces of furniture. Also, you have to think about the light that your lamps produce. Is it cool or warm light?

Can You Utilize the Same White in All Rooms?

To make things short, you should not use the same white in all rooms. Every shade of white will totally look different depending on the room’s lighting. For instance, if your room rely on a lot of natural light, then pure white is the best option for you. Cool white should be your best bet if your room sees a lot of natural light.

Warm white is your best option if you use white lights in a room. If you add cool white in a room with white light, it can easily strain the eyes.


Things You Should Do When Your Roof Leaks

No time is fine and convenient to have a leaking roof, however, there are some things you can actually do to at least help reduce the cost, minimize the damage, and most especially stop leaks to happen in the future. Here are some of them.

Eliminate the water

As soon as you’ve already controlled the leak, you have to dry all woodwork, furniture, and carpet thoroughly and anything else that was subjected to water. The water won’t just leave a stain, however, you should stop mold from developing in your house most of the time. Once your carpet is soaked, pull it far from the padding and expose both sides of the pad and the rug to briskly circulating air. When the damage gets too severe, contact an expert water extraction service provider immediately.

Contain the water

Catch the water right away by putting a waterproof container or a bucket beneath the leak/leaks. When the water splashes onto your floor, you can try to pin a long string to the ceiling close to the leak or place an old T-shirt at the bottom of the bucket. This way, the splash can be absorbed and the path will be made for the water to flow toward the container. If you can see that the paint bubbles, there’s a possibility that it holds water. Hence, discharge the water into your container by puncturing the bubble. When you can’t control or contain the water from coming in, now is the best time to ask for help from a qualified roofing contractor and use their roof repair Santa Ana services.

Prevent water damage

As soon as you notice an active roof leak, minimizing the water damage as much as you can be the first thing you have to do. To do so, you have to place a plastic covering on top or move anything that could be affected by water. This includes valuables such as electronics, furniture, and more.

Contact your insurance representative

Once you suspect or you’re already positive that your house has sustained extreme damage, contact your insurance agent now. Even if you’re unsure whether the policy won’t cover the damage caused by a leaking roof, make sure to reach your insurance rep ASAP and allow them to identify what is covered, and what is not.

Repair your leaking roof

After doing all the measures you need to take to mitigate the damage and have it under control in your house, now is the time to have your roof repaired. To guarantee that your roof damage will be repaired right the first time, it’s best to contact a reputable and certified roofing contractor.

Never let the work to start if you’re uncomfortable with each other. Make sure that they have met all of the needed requirements and that you’re on the same page. Moreover, be cautious about the questionable companies that may attempt to exploit you—particularly early after a severe storm or any natural disaster.