Why Should You Clean Your Bathroom? 

Those who have a hard time with daily chores are most likely to find it hard to perform housekeeping, most especially cleaning a bathroom. Having a clean bathroom potentially affects the safety and health of those who are housebound as well as your aging household members. To know more about the importance of having a clean bathroom, keep on reading below: 


clean bathroom needs to be deep cleaned every week and wipe its surface every day for everyone to avoid getting infections and illnesses, which can greatly affect unhealthy and aging individuals. If your bathroom is unclean, it can affect the following: 

  • Pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms – such contaminants can thrive on the surfaces of your bathroom for at least 1 or more weeks. Maintaining a clean bathroom indicates wiping surfaces every day with solutions that can kill bacteria (e.g. antibacterial cleaners, bleach, vinegar); focusing more on surfaces of your faucets, handles, sink, tubs, and toilet. The most typical viruses that you can usually found in bathrooms include viruses, fungi, bacteria, and stomach viruses.  
  • Breathing – inhaling dust and mold can result in health issues for those who are already suffering from breathing conditions like pneumonia, COPD, chronic bronchitis, asthma, and other conditions.  

As we grow older, our immune system eventually weakens, even in those people who keep a healthy and active life, making the chance of usual viruses and microorganisms even more likely to impact our immune system compared to when we were younger. 


Having a clean bathroom is not just vital, you should also guarantee that you offer a safe bathroom as well. Here are some tips to guarantee this: 

  • Safety bars – it’s vital to get safety pulls, bars, and grips installed by the experts who can make sure that they are correctly positioned for them to safely deal with particular weight restrictions with the right anchorage. It’s not recommended to get suction cup bars as they can be easily unattached, causing a potential hazard for people who don’t know how to use them.  
  • Disinfectant/deodorizing – such sprays can potentially make your bathroom surfaces slippery when you fail to properly dry them. Moreover, for others, they can result in a breathing hazard.  
  • Tub mats – even if tub mats are intended to stick to a tub’s bottom, they can usually result in hazardous conditions and lose suction. The tub mat can be clustered and, even if the suction cups are performing what they are supposed to do, the mats itself can turn up and be wrinkled and can only make a person potentially trip.  
  • Bathmats or throw rugs – having throw rugs on a floor can cause a sliding or tripping hazard once the water reaches below it.  
  • Clutter and magazines – keeping your bathroom clutter-free is one way to guarantee a tidy bathroom. If you have several items on the floor, around, or next to your toilet area, they can be causing falling hazards. Moreover, spilled items and liquids from bottles in your bathroom can make this area very slippery.  

After cleaning your bathroom, make sure that your plumbing systems are in great condition. If you think you need help with these, Rockdale plumbing services is for you.  


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