Things You Should Do When Your Roof Leaks

No time is fine and convenient to have a leaking roof, however, there are some things you can actually do to at least help reduce the cost, minimize the damage, and most especially stop leaks to happen in the future. Here are some of them.

Eliminate the water

As soon as you’ve already controlled the leak, you have to dry all woodwork, furniture, and carpet thoroughly and anything else that was subjected to water. The water won’t just leave a stain, however, you should stop mold from developing in your house most of the time. Once your carpet is soaked, pull it far from the padding and expose both sides of the pad and the rug to briskly circulating air. When the damage gets too severe, contact an expert water extraction service provider immediately.

Contain the water

Catch the water right away by putting a waterproof container or a bucket beneath the leak/leaks. When the water splashes onto your floor, you can try to pin a long string to the ceiling close to the leak or place an old T-shirt at the bottom of the bucket. This way, the splash can be absorbed and the path will be made for the water to flow toward the container. If you can see that the paint bubbles, there’s a possibility that it holds water. Hence, discharge the water into your container by puncturing the bubble. When you can’t control or contain the water from coming in, now is the best time to ask for help from a qualified roofing contractor and use their roof repair Santa Ana services.

Prevent water damage

As soon as you notice an active roof leak, minimizing the water damage as much as you can be the first thing you have to do. To do so, you have to place a plastic covering on top or move anything that could be affected by water. This includes valuables such as electronics, furniture, and more.

Contact your insurance representative

Once you suspect or you’re already positive that your house has sustained extreme damage, contact your insurance agent now. Even if you’re unsure whether the policy won’t cover the damage caused by a leaking roof, make sure to reach your insurance rep ASAP and allow them to identify what is covered, and what is not.

Repair your leaking roof

After doing all the measures you need to take to mitigate the damage and have it under control in your house, now is the time to have your roof repaired. To guarantee that your roof damage will be repaired right the first time, it’s best to contact a reputable and certified roofing contractor.

Never let the work to start if you’re uncomfortable with each other. Make sure that they have met all of the needed requirements and that you’re on the same page. Moreover, be cautious about the questionable companies that may attempt to exploit you—particularly early after a severe storm or any natural disaster.

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